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  • Fake ID template

    Fake ID template

    Our company specializes in making high-quality ID copies that you can pay for online and download directly from the website, then print or send to friends. We are ready to provide our customers with fake ID template, which are intended for educational and entertainment purposes only and cannot be used for their intended purpose, as this is against the requirements of the law. The customer can request not only a copy of his ID but also a blank template in an editable format, where he can always insert a fictitious name, or photo and create a fake image that will be almost an exact copy of the real document, which will make a nice gift to colleagues or use this product for other entertainment purposes.


    Fake ID front and back produced by our company are in high demand among consumers of all categories from many countries of the world, as this product has a lot of undeniable advantages:

    User Friendly

    A wide range of goods for citizens of various countries of the world - our electronic catalog offers fake IDs for more than 80 countries of the world, each of which has its distinctive features.

    Fast Design

    Each potential buyer can easily find exactly the identity card template that best suits his requirements and wishes.

    24/7 Supported

    The files that we send to customers can be opened in many graphic editors, including regular Photoshop, regardless of the software version, which allows any user to easily create a unique fake document even under an assumed name.

    Our Guarantee

    High-quality graphics on each identifier template, due to which not every user will be able to distinguish a fake document from a real one.

    24/7 customer service supported by professionals

    Our team stands ready to assist you at all times. With ways to get in touch, including ticket system, you will always find what you need.

    And there are 7 more advantages!

    • Each template that the user receives is completely ready for printing, the graphics are made in the highest resolution, which will make the document on paper look very believable.
    • We send ready-made fake ID templates immediately (~1-12 hours) after paying for the goods by crypto or paypal, without delay.
    • The price on our website for fake IDs is lower than most of our competitors, and the buyer can often see various promotions and discounts, which will save him money and get his hands on a quality product.
    • If necessary, our website has a convenient support service through a live chat, email address, or instant messengers.
    • We are ready for a small symbolic additional fee to fill out templates for our customer and send him a completely ready-to-print fake document, which does not require any extra time for the user.
    • There are promotional free fake IDs in PSD format in a separate section of the catalog of our website, but they are primarily intended for heavy users of Photoshop since the files can only be opened in this program and edited through the toolbar.
    • Our client base is replenished every month, and people trust us and recommend us to other customers. In many independent forums on the net, you can find positive reviews about our website, as well as the service offered, where users note the high level of professionalism, the ease of working with the website catalog, and the payment window, as well as the highest quality of goods combined with an acceptable price.
    • The only drawback of such fake ID templates, we believe, is the risk that the client will use them for their intended purpose. Because of this, we always warn our customers from the outset that the document is fake and that we disclaim any responsibility if the person gets in trouble with the law or the police.


    Here's the Template365 family. A small and reliable team with some excellent developer, photoshop experts who are working hard to deliver colorful moments for your next verifications. It all started when we decided to sign up with the sites and these sites started asking for verification documents. We were shocked! Why do we have to send photos of our documents? This is wrong and not safe! So we made templates for ourselves. And then we thought it would be useful for others! I hope you find our service useful?

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        Are you kidding me? It really works.

        What fake ID templates do we offer?

        As mentioned above, we offer fake ID templates in more than 80 countries around the world, and below are the ones from where the most order colitis comes from:

        • South and North America - USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil etc.
        • European countries - Germany, Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria.
        • The states of the Asian continent - are India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Bahrain.
        • The countries of Central Asia and the former CIS - are Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Belarus.
        • Africa - Kenya, Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco, Somalia, and South Africa.
        The above are just some of the countries whose ID templates we sell to customers. On our website, in addition to fake ID, you can also find temporary resident cards, work permits, as well as other documents that can confirm a person’s identity, for example, for a cryptocurrency exchange, a person’s temporary official status in the country in question, which excludes blocking his account due to a mismatch of the IP address or location with the data in the document.

        Top 7 products:
        1. California Driver License template
        2. Texas Driver License template
        3. New York Driver License template
        4. Washington Driver License template
        5. Georgia Usa DL template
        6. Texas Identity Card template
        7. Illinois Driver License template

        For what purposes can fake ID templates be required?

        The demand for our fake ID templates is growing every month, as the scope of the possible use of these documents has significantly expanded in recent years. A fake ID may be required for a person to achieve the following goals:

        • With the development of digital technologies, more and more multimedia online service platforms appear in the world, where a potential customer is required not only to register but also to verify his account with the provision of scanned documents. Not every Internet user will trust websites such as cryptocurrency exchanges, online casinos, or payment systems, but without an ID, he cannot use the services in question. With our fake ID templates, this problem will be solved instantly, and, as practice shows, documents are always approved by third-party platforms.
        • Identity data may also be required for educational or research purposes.
        • Creative gifts for friends, loved ones, husband or wife, work colleagues, or business partners. People will always be happy with such files, especially considering that an empty template can be edited and filled in as many times as you like.
        • For purposes other than presenting such fake documents instead of a real ID or another form of identification to any authority or government agency, such actions are considered illegal, prosecuted, and may result in a criminal record.

        You can always find many of our competitors on the Internet who may offer prices lower than ours, but in such cases, most often, the company has outdated equipment and graphic editors, and the person receives a product that will be very far from the original. This means that any opponent, as well as an electronic online casino, would recognize a fake and not accept it when verifying a new user's account.

          Template365 is a company that develops the best templates for any verification. We provide only electronic versions. We comply with the law and provide only templates and electronic versions that do not contradict the law!